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In an era of rapid business and technological change, an agile delivery approach is one key to improving performance. Agile delivery more easily incorporates change, encourages ongoing learning, is more "customer friendly," is less susceptible to failure, and helps accelerate the development process. While agile delivery permeates KSI’s approach to high performance delivery, implementing this approach is not always easy for developers and managers familiar with more linear cycles, KSI experience can assist with this transition. From years of experience in IT projects, we assist our customers in the following categories:

  • Evaluate the enterprise's strategic objectives and the development framework;
  • Identify tactical plans across the enterprise's business areas;
  • Develop IT and business operational plans that align both tactical and operational plans to strategic plans;
  • Prepare the project team and effected business areas;
  • Track and assess product and process progress;
  • Assess current software delivery and project management capability;
  • Implement a proven project management process including tools; and,
  • Implement a tailored agile development approach that fits the specific needs of the project.

Comprehensive Training:

Knowledge Structures offers courses in a range of subjects, each developed in response to our customer’s requests, to deal with real problems in real IT projects.

Our training programs empower customers to develop and utilize effective software development and project management techniques that compliment KSI's consulting services.

The range of course topics include: strategic plan implemen-


tation, gathering business requirements, project proposals, project manage-ment and sponsorship, software inspections, and software quality.

KSI recognizes that every organization and project has differing needs, and we tailor our courses to your organization.

The KSI Courses page provides a complete list of current courses.

Our most recent addition is an intense IT Project Management Certificate Program that includes a variety of topics including implementing strategic plans, project management, working with strategic business partners, and other relevant IT project topics.

Our courses provide more than standard lecture and workbook. They are conducted using a team approach to workshop exercises and studies from real IT projects. Typical of KSI courses is the Applied Project Management offering which combines the key concepts of "feature teams," thoughtful project initiation, and sound risk analysis, together with a workable four-phase project management model. KSI project management tools include practical and usable tools such as a Project Data Sheet, Project Charter Template, project planning checklists, and associated guidelines. This practical approach to project management has proven very effective for our clients.

KSI is a registered education provider with PMI (PMI REP Provider Number 1334). Participants earn professional development units for all project-related courses.

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